The Trust Based Leadership Academy

In this Leadership Solution we use cutting edge principles on systemic thinking in leadership to review and reflect on the importance of systems and processes in organisations, and illuminate how they can be a key differentiator in business.

We review the focus funnel and the importance of time in our business and personal lives.

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Duration | 2 Days

1-on-1 Coaching

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Admiral Grace Hopper said, “we manage things, and we lead people” – Leadership and management are two sides of the same coin. In this programme we explore the management side of the coin, focussing on managing systems, processes and time, efficiently and effectively.

We explore the systems and processes leaders are required to utilise and unpack effective methods of managing these. In addition, we introduce a fresh take on the concept of managing time and how to use time more efficiently.

who should attend

This Leadership Solution is designed to benefit leaders transcending from one level of the leadership pipeline to the next:
Current 'leaders of others', and
Newly appointed leaders.

Accredited & non-accredited

Select between a Certificate of Completion, or

The SETA Accredited Certificate - this solution incudes an assignment and an additional fee.