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In this Leadership Solution we explore the performance ‘Rubik cube’, and expose leaders to tools for effectively identifying and leading ‘talent’ within their team and organisation.

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Duration | 2 Days

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Dr Charles Du Toit


Over my years in HR I came to realise that the focus of performance management is too often on output and not often enough on input. This module evolved as a consequence of years of consultation around performance management systems and poor performance within organisations. We believe that leading talent requires a focus on input and output as well as an understanding of the multiple dimensions of potential, performance and trust.

who should attend

This Leadership Solution is designed to benefit:
'Leaders of others' across an organisation,
Employees transitioning from 'leaders of others to 'leaders of leaders’, and Employees transitioning from 'leaders of self' to 'leaders of others'

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The SETA Accredited Certificate - this solution incudes an assignment and an additional fee.