The Trust Based Leadership Academy

In this Leadership Solution we focus on leadership moments – firstly, how to identify them, and then how to ensure that you turn each leadership moment into an opportunity to increase trust, and build a positive relationship with your team.

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Duration | 2 Days

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Trust-based leadership requires that we effectively manage “Leadership Moments” as opportunities to increase the employee’s trust in the leader and his/her leadership.

Throughout the leadership journey, we will face opportunities that test our leadership, how we handle these leadership moments is crucial in the development of the leadership relationship.

Over the past several years we have developed “Commandments” which empower leaders to manage leadership moments effectively. 

who should attend

This Leadership Solution is designed to benefit:
Employees transitioning from 'leaders of self' to 'leaders of others',
Current 'leaders of others', and
Newly appointed leaders.

Accredited & non-accredited

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The SETA Accredited Certificate - this solution incudes an assignment and an additional fee.