The Trust Based Leadership Academy

In this Leadership Solution we explore three key elements: (1) Thinking systemically (systems thinking), (2) Leadership and risk management, and (3) Creating innovative environments for continuous improvement.

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Duration | 2 Days

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One of the biggest changes when transitioning to a more senior leadership level, is the mind of the leader. The way we have always thought and the things we have always focussed on need to change, if we are to successfully transition into a more senior leadership role. This solution focuses more on WHY we need to change the way we think as opposed to what we need to think.

who should attend

This Leadership Solution is designed to benefit:
Employees transitioning from 'leaders of others to 'leaders of leaders',
Current 'leaders of leaders', and
Newly appointed 'leaders of leaders'.

Accredited & non-accredited

Select between a Certificate of Completion, or

The SETA Accredited Certificate - this solution incudes an assignment and an additional fee.