Trust Based Leadership Academy

Give your team the inspiration they need to take their performance to the next level with our bespoke Keynotes and Workshops led by Dr Charles Du Doit.

Trust Based Leadership Academy


Ensure that everyone is left feeling energised and prepared to initiate change.

Standard Keynotes Include:

A pre-engagement Call
30-90 minute live session
An unlimited number of seats
An optional Q&A


Unite in order to delve deeply and acquire new skills collectively as a team.

Standard Workshops Include:

A pre-engagement Call
90-120 minute live session
Up to 300 seats

all Topics

Our preferred approach is to develop customised programs based on client’s needs, however, here are some ideas:

Discover your personal leadership brand

The how to “develop a personal leadership brand.”

Leadership brand and business success

A fun review of the literature showing how important leadership culture is to business success.

Can HR gain a seat at the table?

The building blocks of real C Suite HR, ultimately HR’s role in nurturing a leadership culture.

A leadership lesson from elephants

A beautifully illustrated lesson about the importance of connection.

The leadership connection

A challenging fresh look at what it means to lead, if you believe that your people are important.

HR, 5 lies and a truth

A Ted talk style critic of common HR sacred cows and the importance of HR in leadership brand.

Door and Ladder skills

Great for young professionals. – I wish some one had told me – We spend our lives building the door skills to get us career access, but seldom think about the ladder skills which will determine how high we will go.

Team Packages

Allow us to assist in orchestrating. We excel at curating captivating experiences for teams.
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