A Leadership “Moon Shadow” that Reaches into the 4th Industrial Revolution

The other day we took a long walk along a desolate stretch of beach in the moonlight. The full moon lit up the cloudless sky, and we cast large beautiful, detailed shadows across the wet sand of the beach. The images were spectacular!

This experience popped back into my memory while I was facilitating a workshop with the executive management team of a client, who had recently undergone a very successful change of ownership.

Based on the idea that the culture of an organisation is the shadow of its leadership, and Inspired by the exciting new opportunities that the future holds for the company, we spent two days looking at the senior teams’ leadership culture.

The ultimate conclusion we came to, after two days of intense discussion and reflection, was that a new future was only possible when the senior team started to do things differently. The tone for a new culture and ultimately a new future had to start at the top.  While culture has the potential to eat strategy for breakfast, to reset an organisation’s culture, we must start with the senior team’s commitment to leading the culture shift.

If you are in a position of influence in your organisation, ask yourself: “Does our executive team set the leadership tone to enable a future-proof organisation culture that is ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?”.

This tool has been designed to provide some insight.

Is my company's leadership future ready? Take the quiz below to find out!

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Our senior leaders inspire an excellent and camaraderie-filled work environment.

Our senior leaders empower teams, fostering trust and collaboration.

Our leaders set an industry standard for seamless teamwork.

Our leaders champion innovation, fostering a culture of improvement.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, are integral to our leadership culture.

Leaders receive feedback for growth and continuous improvement.

Commitment to learning keeps our leaders at the industry forefront.

Our leaders navigate challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities.

Our leaders actively exemplify organizational values with integrity.

Leadership styles are agile, adapting seamlessly to industry trends.

A culture of collaboration makes teamwork highly effective.

Leaders uphold organizational values in decision-making.

Collaborative decision-making is a hallmark of our leadership.

Our leaders seek diverse perspectives, maximizing creativity.

Ethical standards are non-negotiable for our leadership.

Leaders collaborate with partners for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Leaders ensure mentorship is integral to the leadership journey.

Well-integrated feedback propels a culture of continuous improvement.

Leaders prioritize well-being, creating an environment for thriving.

Achievements within the team are consistently recognised.