Dr. Charles du Toit is an independent Learning and Development strategist, specializing in management training, with over 30 years’ industry experience in HR and Leadership Development.

my story

My radical 20’s left me with an Honours degree at UPE, some heady experiences in transformation, and a passion for people and South Africa.

I was privileged to learn IR and HR best practice at the auto giant VWSA. During 14 years, I experienced the rolling mass action first hand, spent the 4 CODESA years in community conflict management, negotiated at industry level and learnt the importance of learner based training while leading a training department.

14 Years as the HR Director at Eveready South Africa, taught me about the broader business and strategy. The importance of a leadership brand and HR’s special ability to transform and connect.

A PHD from UJ awoke in me a passion to assist organisations to build leadership and HR capacity. This passion led me to private practice where I now coach, teach and consult with both Academic and Corporate clients.

books by dr charles

Trust Based Leadership AcademyTrust Based Leadership Academy
Dr Charles du Toit